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Tomei Law, P.C. is a Consumer Protection Firm focused primarily on representing individuals, both Plaintiffs and  Defendants, in civil matters against some of the largest business entities around, including debt collectors, car dealerships, banks, creditors and debt buyers in both Federal Court and State Court. Tomei Law, P.C. also represents individuals in foreclosure defense, as well as in bankruptcy and real estate transactions. We provide legal services at affordable prices, with an office conveniently located in central Lake County, in Gurnee, Illinois, just ten minutes west of the Lake County Waukegan Courthouse. Specifically, we serve individuals throughout Lake County and its surrounding counties, including, but not limited to Cook and McHenry counties, in matters involving: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act (ICFA), foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, and real estate law.


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Collection Lawsuit Defense Lawyer Discusses the FDCPA

An Experienced Collection Lawsuit Defense Lawyer Discusses Important Consumer Rights with Respect to Debt Collection and Reporting Practices If one of your creditors is attempting to collect a debt from you it is important to consult with a collection lawsuit defense lawyer to advise you of important rights that you have. The Fair Debt Collection […]


How to Defend a Debt Buyer Case

If you have debts that are significantly past due, you likely have or will at some point interact with debt buyers. Many of our clients are unaware of what debt buyers are and that the process for defending a debt buyer case is different from that of an original creditor or collection agency. If you […]


The Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act & Other Buyer Remedies in the Event of an Undisclosed Defect in Residential Real Estate

When selling a home in Illinois it is important for sellers to familiarize themselves with the disclosures required under the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act. In addition to imposing obligations on sellers, the Act grants buyers powerful rights to go after sellers for improper disclosures. What is the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act? The Illinois […]


Lack of Affordable Housing for Seniors in Chicago According to a New Harvard Study

A new Harvard University study highlights what many Chicago residents know all too well, there is a lack of affordable housing for seniors. While the lack of affordable housing for seniors is a nationwide crisis, the issue is particularly prevalent in Chicago. The study uses the term “cost-burdened” to describe those that pay more than […]


How to Cancel a Real Estate Contract | Tomei Law Firm

We are often asked by our clients if it is possible to cancel a real estate contract. It’s a question that neither party, buyer or seller, anticipates having to consider. Yet, it is not uncommon for parties to get out of a real estate contract. In fact, some 4% of sales fall through each year. […]


Top 10 Real Estate Attorney Tips for Selling a Home

In this article we discuss our top 10 real estate attorney tips for selling a home. Selling a home can be a highly stressful and confusing process. Sellers are often in the midst of a major transition, attempting to time the sale of their home with the purchase of a new one. An accepted offer […]


How to Pursue an Automobile Sales Fraud Case

When people buy cars, they often rely upon representations made by a salesperson or dealership. Many car buyers find out after the fact that these representations were false or exaggerations. When this occurs, there may be legal remedies available to hold the salesperson or dealer accountable. If you are a victim of automobile sales fraud, […]


What Bankruptcy Option is for You?

Filing for bankruptcy protection is a very serious legal step that should be thought through completely before making a decision. And, many times the decision is deciding which chapter to choose. Some individuals only qualify for one chapter, while others may have a choice when they have financial issues. Knowing what course is best can […]


Buying a House? Why You’ll Want an Attorney on Your Side

With the excitement of buying a house, many people sign contracts and other agreements without realizing what they are agreeing to. Lease and loan agreements can be complex and full of terms that could have significant consequences. Before you close on a house, you should consult with a Gurnee Ill real estate attorney to ensure […]


Am I Able to Submit a Tax Appeal? When Should I Consult an Attorney?

When the IRS or State tax agency deny tax-related claims or otherwise take action against you, you may have a right to challenge the action through an appeal. The types of issues that may be appealed and there are specific procedures that must be followed. If you are the recipient of adverse tax-related action, then […]


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