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Closing a Real Estate Transaction: Tips and Tricks

Individuals who purchase or sell real estate of any kind have probably been told it is best to secure an attorney to oversee the transaction. A skilled and competent real estate attorney, like attorney Robert Tomei at Tomei Law, is available to negotiate deals on their client’s behalf and assure the process is to the benefit of all parties involved. 

Many individuals each year choose to forego the use of a real estate attorney only to later lament this decision. A good real estate attorney in Gurnee IL will have a number of tips and tricks at his or her disposal to make the closing process of a real estate transaction smoother for clients. 

  • A real estate attorney will negotiate the contract with the other party or the other party’s attorney.
  • A real estate attorney will research the history of ownership for the property in question and make sure there are no problems with the title of the property.
  • A real estate attorney will draft the deed that transfers the property from one owner to another.
  • A real estate attorney will provide accounting for all monies involved in a real estate transaction.
  • A real estate attorney will prepare all documents necessary to close the transaction.
  • A real estate attorney will assure that all required documents required for the real estate transaction are filed and recorded with the appropriate agencies.

The process of closing on a real estate deal is complicated and a mistake can cost you significant time and money. It is best to trust in the services of an attorney experienced in the law and guidelines governing the transferal of real estate from person to person to assure a smooth transaction. 

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