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Am I Able to Submit a Tax Appeal? When Should I Consult an Attorney?

When the IRS or State tax agency deny tax-related claims or otherwise take action against you, you may have a right to challenge the action through an appeal. The types of issues that may be appealed and there are specific procedures that must be followed. If you are the recipient of adverse tax-related action, then contact a tax attorney in Gurnee IL from the Tomei Law Firm to see if an appeal is an option.

How do tax appeals work?
The IRS utilizes a separate appeals department that is supposed to provide an impartial review of certain issues. To request an appeal, you must file a written formal protest that contains certain information. This written protest must be filed within a certain time period and include specific details. Failure to comply with the procedures can result in denial of your appeal.

If you have an issue that qualifies for an appeal, then you can request an appeals conference to attempt settlement of the issue. If the issue cannot be settled, then you may file a formal lawsuit to argue your position and overturn the action. 

What can be appealed?
Some examples of tax-related issues that may be appealed include:

  • Denial of certain deductions, credits, exemptions, etc
  • Challenge changes to your tax return made by the IRS
  • Adjustments to amounts claimed
  • Imposition of additional assessments

How can an attorney help?
During the appeals process, you have the right to have representation. A tax attorney in Gurnee IL can help you prepare your appeal, appear with you at the conference, and represent you in a formal appeal lawsuit. An attorney will help ensure that you comply with procedures and deadline required.

Attorney Robert Tomei and the Tomei Law Firm are available to help you with your tax appeal needs. Contact us to learn more.

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