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Buying a House? Why You’ll Want an Attorney on Your Side

With the excitement of buying a house, many people sign contracts and other agreements without realizing what they are agreeing to. Lease and loan agreements can be complex and full of terms that could have significant consequences. Before you close on a house, you should consult with a Gurnee Ill real estate attorney to ensure the real estate documents are comprehensive and fair.

What are some issues that may arise in a real estate transaction?
In real estate purchases, the contract can include certain representations called warranties. If the seller represents something about the property, such as its condition, fixtures, and other statements intended to encourage you to purchase, then those things should be included in the written contract. 

The contract should also be certain in its terms and leave no ambiguities as to each party’s obligations. You should also be aware of any fees for which you may be responsible. Some home buyers fail to realize some of the additional costs or payment terms of the agreement, which can create financial difficulties.

A real estate transaction may also involve issues related to title defects, liens, easements and other issues connected to the property. A Gurnee Ill real estate attorney can help you identify and address these issues through various methods.

How an attorney can help
Attorney Robert Tomei and the Tomei Law Firm can help you negotiate your home purchase and modify closing documents to ensure that your rights are protected and that there will be no surprises. We can help you identify and resolve and potential title issues and require the seller to put their assurances into writing. 

If you have already purchased a house, then we can review your documents and provide advice about your rights. 

If you are buying a house or need assistance with issues related to a purchase, then the Tomei Law Firm is available to assist. Call us today.

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