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How to Pursue an Automobile Sales Fraud Case

When people buy cars, they often rely upon representations made by a salesperson or dealership. Many car buyers find out after the fact that these representations were false or exaggerations. When this occurs, there may be legal remedies available to hold the salesperson or dealer accountable. If you are a victim of automobile sales fraud, then a Gurnee IL fraud attorney may be able to assist.

What are some remedies when there is automobile sales fraud?
When automobile sales fraud can be shown, you may be able to pursue a claim seeking various types of remedies. This can include money damages, financial penalties, cancellation of the sale, and legal fees and costs. There could also be damages awarded for violation of certain laws that are intended to protect consumers.

What needs to be shown in a automobile fraud case?
To be successful in an automobile fraud case, you will need to establish that a misrepresentation was made and that you relied upon that misrepresentation. You must be able to show that you sustained damages or some loss as a result of this misrepresentation.

This may be expressly included in written documents or could be established through witnesses who observed the misrepresentation. In many situations, the salesperson and dealership will deny the fraud, so it is important to find evidence that will rebut their denial.

How an attorney can help
An Gurnee IL fraud attorney can review your case and provide an opinion as to whether you have a claim. An attorney can provide legal advice about your options and which will be the best to pursue.

An attorney will help you gather the information needed to successfully pursue your claim. They can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case, so there are no surprises.

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