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[Question] Discharged and can not get any credit cards secured or unsecured

Hello all

I’ve been discharged since January 13 2017 I did burn discover,capital 1,credit one. I cannot even get a secured card with any of these companies what am I doing wrong!? Credit score is equ 600 and trans 617

submitted by /u/whutufukas

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Opening new bank account post-filing?

Hi everyone. My Ch. 7 case is already filed with the hearing in May. My primary bank where my checking and savings accounts have been is unfortunately involved in my case due to a credit card that I have to include in the proceedings. My attorney said I shouldn’t need to move banks, but I’d feel better about all this if I did.

Does anyone know if the fact that I filed Ch. 7 will affect my ability to open a new bank account at a different bank that is not involved in my bankruptcy at all? The bank I want to move to has my checking and savings account for freelance work there, but under the name of an LLC, so I am hoping that existing relationship will help me get approved to move my personal accounts there as well. Ultimately, it’ll be beneficial to simplify all that in general. I probably should have dealt with this before filing, but that is water under the bridge now.

Thanks for any experiences you can share!

submitted by /u/thirtygrand2017

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Considering Filing for Bankruptcy

My husband and I are considering filing for bankruptcy. We have just over 80k in debt and he makes under 50k a year. I have been completely against filing but we are drowning and I don’t feel like we have much of a choice anymore. I just have a few questions I’m hoping we can get answered. My husband has an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney on Wednesday.

I am currently an independent retailer for a direct sales company. Will I have to close that business if we file? Or is there a way for me to keep it?

Are we able to keep our car? We only have one vehicle and obviously it’s our only mode of transportation for my husband to get to work.

Can we file with one bank and not the other? We currently have most of our debt with Navy Federal. We recently switched our checking account to USAA, and that is also where our car loan is. Are we able to only file with Navy Fed and not USAA?

On average, how much does it cost to file?

Please let me know this is okay! I’m really struggling with this decision but at the same time I’m over the stress this is causing.

Thanks for the help!

submitted by /u/TessaSkye

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341 meeting done/Anxiety

Hi. We made it thru our Ch13 – 341 Meeting. Woo hoo. So glad it’s behind us

I’m having anxiety about the way it went though. In our bankruptcy petition and discussion with our paralegal it was agreed that we could pay a small loan/debt to a family member outside of Chapter 13 (a little amt of 275 dollars). During the 341 meeting at the end the trustee asked if i had any questions. i was nervous & mentioned this debt to the Trustee and to pay this outside of the plan. Afterwards the whole room was looking at me and the attorney was looking thru our file. The trustee looked at me perplexed. She then said to the lawyer I’m fine with them paying it outside the plan. My atty then said we aren’t concerned with paying a loan of this Amt outside the plan. They said thank you and we walked out. I guess i was nervous and just asked my question because i wanted the trustee to know. Our lawyer never met with us before the 341 so i didn’t have the chance to discuss this ahead of time. .

I just feel really stupid. However i wanted the trustee to be aware of this debt. I want to be 100% truthful. It felt like the right opportunity to mention it even though i realize i didn’t need to because i already talked to the atty office about it. Anyway Guess my nerves got the best of me. It was a very tiring and draining day. So glad to have it behind us.

submitted by /u/leahnc

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Did your car insurance go up after you filed?

I’m thinking of filing Chapter 7. I have a pretty good driving record and currently pay $40 per month for car insurance. I also live in NC where car insurance is particularly cheap (it’s so cheap that when you get a new policy you have to prove that you live in state). I heard that bankruptcy can change car insurance rates significantly or even make it harder to obtain a policy. What has your experience been?

submitted by /u/LouraKumara

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Considering filing chapter 7. Am I on the right track?

Hi there /r/bankruptcy. If my username didn’t give it away, I’m having a hard time keeping my head above water when it comes to finances. I’ve been considering filing bankruptcy for a while and kind of have a rough plan put together, but some input would be helpful to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything important.

I have about $11,500 in unsecured debts (Chase, CapitalOne, Citibank, CareCredit, PayPal, and a line of credit from my local credit union). My take home pay is ~$1400/month and my rent, utilities, car insurance, and credit payments ended up leaving me with about $10 a month. I also have to start repaying my student loans soon, but I’ve had them deferred until summer and I’m hoping I can be in a better position by then. Obviously, this isn’t working. I met with a local pro-bono clinic and the lawyer I spoke with said I was pretty much a “perfect candidate” for bankruptcy. Unfortunately there aren’t any pro-bono bankruptcy lawyers in my area, but she looked at my finances and situation and explained the options I had. I’ve emailed three bankruptcy lawyers asking for a consultation and haven’t gotten a response from a single one, so that’s super encouraging.

I’ve stopped paying bills for these accounts, except for my credit union line of credit — it’s linked to my checking account and automatically debited each month. I cosigned with my boyfriend on this line and I want to remove him from it before I file so it won’t affect him. The credit union told me the only way I could do that was by refinancing it.

The only asset I really have is my car, and it’s a 2001 Honda Civic with a KBB value of less than $2k.

Anyway, this is what my game plan is thus far:

  1. Refinance my line of credit and get my boyfriend removed as a cosigner.
  2. Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer (if I ever manage to get an answer from one…), get an approximate total of lawyer and court fees, and begin saving with the money I would have used to pay my bills. If I can get a part-time job to help save more, even better.
  3. Take the required credit counseling class in between consultation and filing.
  4. Change my direct deposits and autopays from my credit union to my other bank account, since I suspect my account with them will be closed.
  5. ???
  6. Profit! Once everything is discharged months down the road, start building my savings and begin paying student loans.
  7. This is probably easier said than done, but I’d like to get a job teaching English overseas next year and allow my wounded credit to rebuild while I’m gone.

I’ve tried to do as much research as possible to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I don’t plan on buying a house or a new car within the next few years since I’ll probably never be able to afford such a luxury. Does this seem like a good plan, or is there something I’m missing? I’d like to try to (legally) do what I can to prepare myself and make taking the plunge a little easier. Thanks a lot!

submitted by /u/FinancialDifficulty

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Help, no other options

I’ve tried debt counseling, credit counseling. Moving things around and just can’t. The debt to income ratio is too high. At this rate even cutting and eating ramen we’d be paying this off for 10 years. We don’t live an expensive live just out of options

I just need someone to talk to for legal advice and my options. I’m in North Carolina.

submitted by /u/samrozzi

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19 year old looking to file


I am a 19 year old male with no income looking to file for bankruptcy. I owe a little over 10,000 dollars in credit card debt. What should I expect from this process?

I have no other loans and everything I have is in my name. My home is not in my name, it is in my parent’s name, along with bills. My own personal bills include my cell phone bill, car insurance bill and my credit card bill. I can’t pay all of these at this time in my life. I am unable to work at the moment due to a medical issue. No, I cannot claim disability.

I live with a parent and I own a vehicle that is worth less than $5,000. I live in Massachusetts. I have no income.

I have money saved up (roughly $2,000) so I can file. What are some resources to do this online if possible? What exactly will they take?


submitted by /u/financialfool12345

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Finding addresses to mail to: best way?

is there a search string or phrase you like to use online to look up the correct address? or what you prefer to say on the phone so you don’t get a run around? just about to start gathering some addresses from credit cards/hospitals…

i.e. the hospitals will tell me the balance but it doesn’t show up on my credit report

submitted by /u/sharpieultrafine

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Filing for bankruptcy - where do I find sources for valuing property? [MO]

I’m filing bankruptcy with my husband and since I’m better at dealing with all the paperwork and gathering of information than he is, where do I find sources for valuing property. 99% of the furniture we own is close to 20 years old and was handed down to him from his dad when he moved to Florida about 20 years ago. The only “new” thing we bought was a king bed about 10 years ago.

Also how do we go about valuing things like cell phones, tablets and computers. The computers are easily 7 years old and probably not worth much. We don’t even use them hardly anymore.

submitted by /u/throwawaybankrupt01

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