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Foreclosure Defense Attorney: How Can They Help Your Case?

The threat of foreclosure can be very stressful and intimidating. When you are facing foreclosure, it may seem like there is no resolution available. The foreclosure process is subject to specific laws that dictate how and when a foreclosure can be pursued. If you have received notice or threats of foreclosure, then contact a Gurnee […]

Bought a Lemon Car? What You Need to Do Next

The Illinois lemon law is known as the New Vehicle Buyer Protection Act. Attorney Robert Tomei is a Gurnee IL consumer rights attorney at the Tomei Law Firm. In order for your vehicle to be covered under Illinois lemon laws, the following conditions must be met:  The vehicle must have been purchased in Illinois. It […]

Debt Collectors on Your Back? How An Attorney Can Help

Debt can become overwhelming when it gets difficult to make your payments in a timely manner. When you miss your payments, the creditor will constantly call and ask when they can expect money. If you are unable to pay them, they will then refer to a debt collector to frequently inquire about payments and threaten […]

Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Real Estate Transaction?

Real estate transactions can be complex and involve a variety of issues, including liens, covenants, zoning laws, environmental concerns, taxes, permits and other complications. An error in a real estate transaction can have significant consequences and possibly reduce the value of the property. If you are selling, purchasing or transferring real estate, then you should […]

Bankruptcy: Chapters and Why a Lawyer Can Help

When financial difficulties arise, you may wonder if bankruptcy is an option for you. There are several different types of bankruptcy filings. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Gurnee IL can help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you. Here are the chapters of personal bankruptcy and why a lawyer can help from the Tomei […]

Rates of Bankruptcy Filings Among Older Americans Increasing

A perfect economic storm has been brewing for quite some time for a certain segment of our population: the senior class. As it turns out, since 1991, that storm has precipitated a 204% increase in bankruptcy filings among Americans between the ages of 65 to 74. Yes, that’s right, a 204% increase in filings in […]

Do I Need Estate Planning?

You may have been told at some point that you need estate planning. That term is thrown around a lot, but many people do not know exactly what it means.  So what is estate planning? Estate planning is the process of creating legal documents to direct the distribution of your assets upon your death. Estate […]

Support H.R. 2366 – The Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy Act of 2017

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, on behalf of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, I had the pleasure to meet with Congressman Brad Schneider, Representative of the 10th Congressional District of Illinois in order to discuss House Resolution 2366. H.R. 2366 is the first bi-partisan piece of legislation to address the growing student loan […]

The Unintended and often Overlooked Negative Consequences of Moving Traffic Violations

In the very near future, perhaps even on your commute home from work this evening, when you find yourself nonchalantly rolling through a stop sign, or going 40 MPH in that 25 MPH zone by your house, or even reviewing or sending a text message, if the potentiality for getting into a violent accident is […]

The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Injunction – A Powerful Tool for the Honest but Unfortunate Debtor

If you are being hounded by creditors with incessant telephone calls, you are seeing collection letters piling up, and you are having trouble seeing light at the end of the tunnel, fear not. The Bankruptcy Code offers you protection from debt collection efforts – a shield, if you will, from wage garnishments, checking account attachments, […]

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