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How to Pursue an Automobile Sales Fraud Case

When people buy cars, they often rely upon representations made by a salesperson or dealership. Many car buyers find out after the fact that these representations were false or exaggerations. When this occurs, there may be legal remedies available to hold the salesperson or dealer accountable. If you are a victim of automobile sales fraud, […]

What Bankruptcy Option is for You?

Filing for bankruptcy protection is a very serious legal step that should be thought through completely before making a decision. And, many times the decision is deciding which chapter to choose. Some individuals only qualify for one chapter, while others may have a choice when they have financial issues. Knowing what course is best can […]

Buying a House? Why You’ll Want an Attorney on Your Side

With the excitement of buying a house, many people sign contracts and other agreements without realizing what they are agreeing to. Lease and loan agreements can be complex and full of terms that could have significant consequences. Before you close on a house, you should consult with a Gurnee Ill real estate attorney to ensure […]

Am I Able to Submit a Tax Appeal? When Should I Consult an Attorney?

When the IRS or State tax agency deny tax-related claims or otherwise take action against you, you may have a right to challenge the action through an appeal. The types of issues that may be appealed and there are specific procedures that must be followed. If you are the recipient of adverse tax-related action, then […]

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